Stash Monkey - The Best Stash Box

Introducing Stash Monkey:

Your Ultimate, Top-Recommended, Cleverly Designed, Discreet, Contemporary, and Trustworthy Home Stash Box. 

Stash Monkey is a specially crafted, secure storage solution for herbs, medications, or any small, valuable items deserving of safeguarding. 

Exposing your meds and herbs to sunlight and air poses the risk of potency and freshness loss, not to mention potential hazards like accidental ingestion by a child, theft, or a breach of your privacy. 

That's why we proudly present Stash Monkey: the state-of-the-art locking, airtight, odor-resistant, and crush-resistant storage answer to meet the storage needs of today's modern households.


See Stash Monkey in Action - How it Works

Stops odors from attracting unnecessary attention


High-Design. Premium Value.

Crush proof, with ample storage space, organization and easy accessibility for a variety of items.

Amazing value includes:

  • Removable tray
  • Spill-proof Storage rack
  • Silicone organizer
  • Built in combination lock
  • resettable code
  • (2) Keys for back up entry
  • Stash Monkey smell proof stash box


    Every part of this stylish box is made functional! The box is larger than other stash boxes to fit all your stuff.

  • Stash Monkey accessories included


    Includes elevated storage rack, silicone organizer,and (2) backup entry keys,

  • Stash Monkey smell proof stash box


    Airtight seal keeps contents fresh and odors from escaping. Set your own code. Backup key lock entry included.

  • Stash Monkey stash box design


    Elegant and well-designed, perfect for any occasion and decor. Unassuming modern looks.


    Every part of this stylish box is made functional. Adequately sized to store and organize essentials.

  • Stash Monkey Smell Proof Stash Box


    The removable lid is a built-in prep surface. Easy to clean and very stable, so nothing gets knocked over or spilled.


    Natural-born snoopers. They get into everything. Prevent unintended ingestion with the Stash Monkey Smell-Proof, Locking, Stash Box.


    Fits on a coffee table, shelf, in a drawer, closet, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, office, anywhere.


    Perfect for all of your needs, from medications to natural remedies and more.

Stash Monkey Review

Smell-Proof Tested


Our passion for excellence is reflected in our product build quality.

Each Stash Monkey is crafted with premium materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance. Built for daily use.