It’s Not What You Store. It’s How You Store It.

It’s Not What You Store. It’s How You Store It.

Founders Update: In 2014, I launched SnekaGuard, our first smell-proof locking medication storage container for home use, and made my first blog entry about Safe Responsible Storage. Today’s this blog post delves into why proper medicine storage is so important and provides tips on how best to store many common household medications securely.

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2014 News Headlines

“Marijuana poisoning in young children has risen 150 percent in Colorado since cannabis became legalized in 2014.”

At the time, it was common to find me on TV, Radio, and on podcasts spreading the word about Safe, responsible storage of medications regardless of whether the meds are, manufactured or natural.


2023 News Headlines

“Number of young children who accidentally ate cannabis edibles jumped.”

1,375% in five years, study finds.”


Unintended ingestion increased during the pandemic. Add to an already raging opioid epidemic and increased acceptance, availability, and use of legal cannabis. I believe we see the tip of the iceberg, the effects we will see unfold over the next few years.

Now is the time to educate. It does not matter what you have at home, legal or not; it needs to be in a locked cabinet or container. Accidents are substance agnostic across all borders and political parties. 

As a parent, you want to keep your home and family as safe as possible. Part of that responsibility is knowing how you store any medications in the house — not just which medicines are there, but also where they’re located and under what conditions they’re kept. By paying attention to these details, you can protect everyone from accidental misuse or poisoning while still having access to necessary medication when needed.


In conclusion, rates of unintentional ingestion of a range of manufactured and natural medications are steadily climbing, and promoting household safety is of the utmost importance. To take an extra step towards protecting your family from any risk of accidental ingestion, purchasing an airtight, smell-proof locking container such as Stash Monkey is recommended. This superior product was designed with best practices to fit all kinds of pills, capsules, autoinjectors, herbs, edibles, liquids, oils, and more. Investing in quality containers for medication storage and then using them correctly is the best way to protect those most cherished in your home. Start safeguarding your home with Stash Monkey today!


In summary, it’s increasingly important to ensure medication is stored out of reach and in an airtight, smell-proof locking container. Finding a storage container that can accommodate multiple forms of medications is key. Stash Monkey has the safety features needed to protect your medications from those who might take them unintentionally. Place your order on the Stash Monkey Store or Amazon now – peace of mind and safety for your family. In addition to creating a sense of security, it also adds an extra layer of tranquility daily when medication is required as prescribed. Store medications securely today to stop unintentional ingestion and prevent stories like these from happening in your home. Protect your family with Stash Monkey, the recommended home storage option!

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