Lets face it; stash can have a strong odor, attracting unnecessary attention from infants, toddlers, teens, adults, and even pets.


Beyond just safeguarding your stash from things like theft and accidental ingestion, Stash Monkey mitigates the destructive forces of light, heat, air, humidity and friction.


Light can decrease potency and freshness.

Of all environmental factors, light exposure has the biggest impact on the potency the potency of your herbs, making mason jars and baggies a particularly poor storage choice.

Airtight and smell proof is the recommended combination to have.

Stash Monkey is constructed from high-density, opaque BPA free plastic; and its dual air-tight silicone seals ensure that light won’t leak in and odors won’t get out. Oxygen is second only to light in reducing levels of herbal medicine’s most active components (potency) – and bacteria and mold can’t grow without it.

Less Friction is better.

The precious trichomes, or resin glands, on the surface of your flowers are easily damaged and can rub or fall off whenever they’re jostled or contact another surface. In fact, the static electricity inherent to plastic sandwich bags can separate the delicate trichomes from the plant’s surface.

Stash Monkey’s generous capacity and configurable interior allow you organize your stash to minimize friction.

The Freedom to Store What you Want How you Want is the key.

While Stash Monkey provides the optimal storage environment for herbal medicine, it’s also ideal for safe, responsible storage of prescription medications or any smaller items that would benefit from being stored in a secure, smell proof, air-tight, environment.

Easy to clean wins every time.

Herbs can sticky and messy by nature, storing them does not have to be that way. Stash Monkey’s silicone tool organizer is dishwasher safe. The BPA free non-porous hardened surface of the container and pen rack wipe off with warm water and a cloth. No more stinky filters, fabrics, and harsh cleaning chemicals.

Don’t store your stash in the freezer.

The freezing process causes trichomes to become extremely brittle. If you aren’t careful handling your frozen flower, then those trichomes could break off, causing faster degradation and lower potency, than just storing at room temperature. There’s also a moisture issue, which can sometimes cause unwanted mold and bacteria growth.

Stash Monkey’s airtight opaque design helps protect your investment.

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