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Stash Monkey

Stash Monkey Stash Box 3-Pack

Stash Monkey Stash Box 3-Pack

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Includes: (3) Stash Monkey Stash Boxes

Stash Monkey's easy-to-use locking system keeps your stash safe and secure. Let's face it; today's medications and herbal products come in many forms, attracting unnecessary attention from infants, toddlers, teens, and adults. Edibles can look like candy. Keeping them out of children's hands and mouths with Stash Monkey is the key to safety.

  • Smell-proof locking lid and container
  • Built-in resettable combination lock
  • Removable storage rack
  • Removable silicone caddy/organizer
  • Removable lid also serves as a sturdy tray
  • (2) Keys for backup access
  • 1.13 pounds (unboxed)
  • 7.8"D x 9.4"W x 5"H
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